OK Tarot: The Simple Deck for Everyone

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“What I love about this deck, aside from the fact that it’s baby pink and the drawings are incredibly endearing, is that the simplicity of them demands that one lean into their intuition. Cards, tarot or any other, are meant to be used with a sense of irreverence. They can reveal deep truths, but shouldn’t be used with an overly serious attitude. Leaning into our intuition requires we be relaxed, playful, and open and these cards encourage just that.” – Chani Nicholas, astrologer and #1 NYT bestselling author of You Were Born For This

“The stick ‘n poke of tarot cards.” – ELLE

“At first glance, it’s easy to see that the OK Tarot is modern, cute and light-hearted but the true genius lies in its simplicity. Adam’s hand-drawn illustrations cut straight to the chase, making the deck accessible for both beginners and professionals alike.” – Brigit Esselmont, author of Everyday Tarot and founder of Biddy Tarot

“Probably the most Instagrammable thing we’ve ever seen.” – POPSUGAR

Not the most intricate, but certainly the cutest.” – Urban Outfitters

“Queer artist and internet person Adam J. Kurtz made literally the world’s simplest and cutest tarot deck, perfect for V-Day, and we just can’t resist it. Comes with a booklet, and looks great sitting on a coffee table or mantle.” – OUT Magazine
“Unlike the traditional Rider-Waite tarot deck, Kurtz’s deck is devoid of religious or gendered iconography. It’s illustrated in the trademark spare and gestural style he’s developed in his books, patches, prints, pins, and planners, which celebrate the art of creative expression through playful, light-hearted images and messages.” – Kickstarter Blog




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Self-Help in New Age Religion

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